Art & Cash by Modeselektor


Art & Cash is een provocerende clip uit 2008 waarmee Modeselektor reageert op de uitgebroken crisis. Met 100 beats per minute ontvouwt zich een hilarische parodie op de kunstmarkt, waarbij twee kunstinvesteerders op de proef worden gesteld. Een feestelijke ‘dancefloor smash’! Performance door Fantastic Nobodies, geregisseerd door design bureau Pfadfinderei.

Pfadfinderei over de clip:

“Facing crisis and tormented by the sorrows of monetary depletion there was only one solution for the House of Modeselektor. All capital must go! And fast! Property funds crashing like Windows 2000, investing in gold too 80s and the rights to Jacko’s portfolio too expensive. Only one answer remained: Art.

Versed on the international art trade floor it was easy for them to win over two sought-after art dealers; to seal the deal and to go on a shopping spree.

“Art & Cash” is the shocking “behind the scenes” documentary of that German art campaign. In the process a scandal was revealed that is shaking experts to this day. For years and under the watchful eyes of millions did the “Fantastic Nobodies” – exceptionally gifted art counterfeiters and weirdos from Brooklyn – manage to sell themselves as renowned works of art, thus creating inexplicable damage…”


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